Emotional and psychological difficulties are common – you’re not alone. There are many factors influencing a person’s emotional wellbeing, including underlying mental or physical illness, family, social and work life, and early life experiences. Most people seek professional help to address symptoms, improve emotional wellbeing and grow psychologically. My treatment approach is an integrative one using a therapeutic approach suited to your particular your needs. This can include therapy, counseling and /or medication.

  • Outpatient psychiatric practice serving patients from18 years of age into the 90’s.
  • Diagnosis and evaluation.
  • Treatment utilizing therapy, counseling and/or medication.
  • Collaboration with non-physician mental health providers (ie: psychologists, social workers, therapists, counselors).
  • Collaboration with physicians from other medical specialties.
  • Illnesses treated include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder.
  • Life issues include patterns of behavior, relationships that are dissatisfying.

My practice is happy to provide you with the appropriate information to submit claims to your insurance company. Please verify your benefits with your insurance provider to determine your mental health coverage.

Did You Know...

Educational and specific, problem-based
interventions can be effective at reducing levels
of depression and anxiety in infertile
individuals and couples…